Pottsville Republican of September 1, 1911


The school board met in an adjourned session to elect a teacher for the new school, Number 11, South
Ward.  It took twelve ballots to decide the matter, Miss Carrie Rehrer being finally elected to fill the position,
she receiving seven votes on the twelfth ballot.  The secretary reported that the had the contracts drawn
up for the teachers.  President Jones reported that the stones in the old pavement at the North Ward
building were used to lay a walk to the lately acquired schoolhouse.  The principal requested that an
extension of the telephone in the High School room should be made to his office in the basement.  It was so
ordered.  The principal's office in the high school building will hereafter be in the front room of the
basement, where people can meet and consult with the principal.  The supplies have been brought down to
the basement, where a room was fitted for them.  A number of pupils who failed for promotion in May were
given special examinations last Wednesday and promoted to their respective grades and classes.  Some
necessary repairs and changes have been effected in the main building.  The schools opened on Monday
with 830 pupils in attendance, a half dozen less than the first day last year

Pottsville Republican of September 6, 1911


In answer to several notices served on the Eastern Pennsylvania Railway Company by Chief Burgess
Hartman of Schuylkill Haven, R. H. Koch, solicitor for the company, appeared before the members of the
Schuylkill Haven Council last evening and attempted to explain why the condition of the roadbed in that
town, from Brown's corner to the paved street was in such a horrible condition.  The speaker stated that it
was the intention of the company he was representing to put down a new line at some future time, but at the
present time the company could not see their way clear.  He requested that Council grant them permission
to lay a "T" rail instead of the girder rail at present, claiming that the "T" rail gives better service.  He
requested that members of the council investigate at places throughout the state where the "T" rail is in
use.  The speaker acknowledged that this piece of road was in bad shape and claimed that once the
company sees proper to repair this stretch, it will put down one of the most substantial pieces of road in the
entire system.  Dirt roads, stated the speaker, are one of the hardest kind to keep in repair, and although
repairs could be made to the stretch of road, it would only be for a short time.  The speaker stated that in
case the company should repair this stretch at an early date, he would ask that they be given permission to
place "T" rail and that at a slight elevation, as in case Council decided to pave this section, they would find
that all opposition would be removed.
Chief Burgess Hartman then stated to Council that Superintendent Rockwell and himself had gone over the
road very carefully and had found things just the same as had been reported on several occasions.  The
Burgess stated that he had been informed by the Superintendent that there was a question as to whether
the relaying of the tracks in Mount Carbon would be done this year, and if it was not, all the rails and sills at
Mount Carbon would be located on cars and taken to Schuylkill haven and the work of laying this stretch
started and completed before the winter months.  Several of the members of Council wanted to know
whether Council would be responsible for any damages that might occur from this piece of roadbed.  It was
the opinion that they would not as they had done their part in notifying the company and had proof that they
had done all in their power to have the defect remedied.  Although no committee was appointed to
investigate the "T" rail, the members of Council will look into the matter and will most likely report back next

Pottsville Republican of September 6, 1911


The special water committee reported that a representative of the Water Company had met the committee
and had shown them plans of a new contemplated storage dam that when completed will have a capacity of
11,000,000 gallons or about twice as much as the present reservoir.  The representative of the committee
gave no assurance that the new storage dam would be constructed but simply showed them the plans.  The
committee then took up the matter of rates with the representative.  At the present time the consumers are
receiving their bills every three months when the reading is made and not yearly, as according to the
statements of the members of Council the agreement calls for.  As the bills are being rendered at the
present time the consumers are not getting advantage of the ten cent rate.  It was decided to allow the
company to present the second bill and then have the court decide on the question.
Councilman Weiss requested that an arc light be placed on Paxson Avenue, another at Felix's corner and
still another on Oak Street.  This motion brought Chairman Saul, of the Electric Light Department, to his feet
with the assertion that his department was not quite ready for the installation of more lights and before
there could be a new piece of machinery, probably costing about $200, would have to be installed and then
his department would be ready to handle anything that came its way.  He advised Council to look into the
matter carefully and see if lights could not be placed around the town to a better advantage.  he claimed
that few, if any, of the approaches to the town were lighted and that the people living there should be taken
into consideration.  The installation of more lights, stated the speaker, would prove of advantage of the
Electric Light Department but an expense to the borough.  Mr. McKeone, of the East Ward, stated that an
electric light was ordered placed in his ward two years ago and up to the present time, he has not seen
anything of it.  As a result the owner of an automobile went the wrong road the other evening and was
forced to back his machine.  The question was finally settled by referring the matter to the proper
The statement was made that the County Commissioners had viewed the bridge crossing Broadway and had
promised to send the bridge examiner down, but up until yesterday he had not arrived.  As a result the
bridge is still in the same unsafe condition as it was several years ago.  The appropriation to the several
hose companies of $75 was ordered paid last evening, it being stated that the companies were badly in
need of money.  A new boiler at the electric light department was reported installed and in service.