Pottsville Republican of November 6, 1912


Members of the Schuylkill Haven council were informed that there were a number of residents of the East ward of town who made
application to the Schuylkill Haven Water Company for water and those residents were informed that if they dug the ditches they
would be supplied.  The persons wanting the water wanted to know whether council did not have the power and the authority to
compel the company to give the water.  Council was then informed by the solicitor that an agreement could be drawn up between
the water company and a resident of the town and that council would have no jurisdiction in the matter, especially when it comes to
extending the main.  It was stated that in the majority of cases the water company will extend the main for one man, charging him
whatever it costs to extend the said main but as additional subscribers are placed on the main, the money will be refunded to him.  
On the other hand, if sufficient subscribers sign a petition for water and the expense of laying the pipes will be received by the
company in rental, then the water company are by their charter, compelled to give these people water.
The report of the electric light department showed that the plant is now on a paying basis.  Council passed a motion to pay off a
temporary loan of $5000 on all special water bonds at the expiration of the interest bearing period and to place the balance in the
regular borough treasury.  It was also decided to pay off $100 on th especial light bond at th expiration of the interest bearing
The Water Committee stated that they had interviewed Superintendent McKnight of the water company regarding the residents
along East Berne Street who had petitioned or requested the extension of the main in that section.  Out of twenty four persons
interviewed only two were willing to place the water in their homes and the matter was dropped at that.
Solicitor Noecker reported that he had gone carefully over the rules and regulations of the fire board, that they compared with the
ordinances and there was no conflicting in any particular and that council would be safe in accepting them.  This report was
Considerable time was taken up in the discussion of the remainder of the ill of former superintendent Charles Becker amounting to
$73.77.  It was stated that the work was not done properly by this ex-official
while on the other hand it was remarked that while the supervisor wanted to do the work according to the blueprints, several of the
members of the Road Committee had instructed him otherwise.  A motion to place the matter in the hands of the Road Committee to
report at the next meeting failed and it was decided to request the supervisor to appear before council at the next regular meeting
and have the matter adjusted once and for all.  
The members of the School Board requested council to notify the Walkin Shoe Company to lay a pavement along their building in
the South Ward.  It was stated that the borough have laid a crossing and that pavement is laid for some distance leading to the
schools and it is desired that this company complete the remainder of the pavement.  
Chief Burgess Hartman was directed to notify the Reading Company that a dangerous place exists on their property in the west ward
where the old wooden bridge formerly stood.
Burgess Hartman stated that the blueprints of the proposed changes at the property of J. Harry Filbert are in the latter's hands and
he does not agree with the engineer in regard to the amount of ground to be cut away.  The Burgess informed council that Mr.
Filbert was desirous of consulting with the borough solicitor before an action was taken.
Burgess Hartman reported that during the past month he had collected five dollars for permits, issued a license to the skating rink
and a carnival license to the Bressler Band for total collections for the month of $135.  One permit was also issued for the relaying
of a pavement.  The burgess reported that he had served notice on Mrs. Sharadin to repair her pavement on Columbia Street and
the same has not been attended to.  He requested council to instruct him to repair the pavement according to ordinance which
council did.  Burgess Hartman stated that he had notified Mrs. Sharadin by registered letter and held her receipt for the same.
Council ordered that a bill be presented to George A. Paxson for work done to the sewer on Paxson Avenue.  Permission was
granted to lay a drain from Sharadin furniture store to the Schuylkill River under the ordinances.  Council were informed that there
were still  a number of bad pavements in the vicinity of the cemetery on Centre Avenue and that several nights ago a resident of
the town fell but fortunately was not injured.

Pottsville Republican of November 9, 1912


The Board of Education met and had a hard time getting a quorum.  Mr. Bast was sick and Mr. Jones had business engagements but
came to the meeting to insist on securing a quorum but left again later in the session.  All the other directors were present as well
as the Secretary Treasurer and principal.  Because of the slim attendance only necessary business was attended to and the
remaining matters left for an adjourned meeting to be held next Monday night when the new school building project will be taken
up.  Mr. Webber reported that the flagpole at the main building which was badly rooted in the ground was replanted with great
difficulty.  Heber Felix, treasurer for the Fourth of July Celebration Committee, presented a check for $83.47 to the board towards
the forming of a new high school building fund.  It was received on motion of J. L. Stauffer and the gratitude of the board extended
to this committee for the very acceptable gift.  At the next meeting the board will determine what fund shall receive the money.
The principal stated that he is frequently asked to sell books or supplies to individuals desiring to secure such conveniently.  He
was advised not to sell any articles from the school's stock as it was inadvisable to do so and was probably illegal.  The principal
discussed before the board the matter of our teachers being given an opportunity to visit schools out of town.  It was held over for
the next meeting.

Pottsville Republican of November 15, 1912


The Board of School Directors held a meeting on Monday evening.  While the intention was to take up the matter of the new high
school building, that point was not reached because the unfinished business took up the board's attention most of the evening.  All
directors, the secretary and the principal were present.  Mr. Harner of Lebanon, an architect, addressed the board with reference to
terms for preparing plans and specifications for a new structure and overseeing of the building of the same.  The board created a
new special fund for the present with the $83.47 presented by the Fourth of July Celebration Committee to be known as the New
High School Building Fund, in which fund the board will be pleased to receive other contributions.  
The Thanksgiving vacation was fixed for November 28th and 29th.  For the Christmas vacation the schools will close on the evening
of December 24th and reopen on January 2nd.  The principal in his report last week stated that it would be beneficial to the schools
of the teachers would be given an opportunity to visit the schools in other localities, see the work of the teachers there and bring
home the good things to apply to our own school work.  The Board granted permission to those teachers to visit schools who desire
to do so, the board to pay the substitute teachers for the time the teachers are out and the teachers to bear their own expenses.

Pottsville Republican of November 23, 1912


Chief Burgess Wellington Hartman of Schuylkill Haven has placed four habitual drunkards of that town on the black list and he has
served all saloon keepers with notice that under no circumstances are they to sell or to give any of the four blacklisted men any
intoxicating liquor.  Failure to comply with this order will in all probability mean the forfeiture of the license of the offending
dealers.  The burgess decided upon this action because no other means was effective in keeping the unfortunate fellows sober.  
He intends to follow up this action by adding others to the list whenever the occasion seems to warrant it and in this manner he
hopes to, in a measure, control the drink habit in that town.