Fire Drills in Schools Satisfactory

Mary Reed, Nellie Reinhart, Edith Emerich, Elam Kerschner and Fred Sterner, former
graduates of our high school and now students at the Keystone State Normal School in
Kutztown, visited their homes on Saturday and Sunday.  Mr. Sterner and Miss Reinhart
are speakers on the Philomathean Anniversary on November 19th.  The Truancy
Committee and the Committee on Books and Supplies held meetings in the high school
room on Thursday evening.  The second school month closed last Monday.  
A series of fire drills were executed by the schools of the main building last Thursday.  
They came off with quiet, precision and quickness.  The program of the High School
Literary Society was rendered on Monday of this week instead of last Friday.  A good
part of the program was with reference to Halloween.  Fourteen teachers of our public
schools took part in the Halloween celebration on Monday evening.  They rode in Adam
Moyer's big brake drawn by four horses beautifully decorated with the national colors,
each of the horses wearing a full string of jingling silver bells.  The brake was decked
with pennants of the alumni, Schuylkill Haven High School colors and the teachers
carried the pennants of higher institutions of learning.  The teachers themselves wore
college caps and gowns of blue trimmed in gold.  A circle of pumpkin lanterns
decorated the big coach.  A large United States flag was carried on the center of the
float.  They won a prize of ten dollars given for the finest float.  The teachers taking
part were: Misses Maude Butz, Mary Ebling, Helen Potts, Annie Zimmerman, Mary
Riebsaamen, Anna Cleary, Ella Shearer, Clark Bordner, Mary Confehr, Nellie Thompson
and Mattie Beck and Professors Ziegenfus, Kimer and Heckert.

Pottsville Republican of November 12, 1910

Borough Solons in Session Transact Much Business

A regular stated meeting of Town Council was held on Monday evening with the
following members present:  Messrs. Berger, Beck, Brown, Moore, Weiss, McKeown,
Rooney, Saul, Wagner and President Keller.  Secretary Minnig, Solicitor Noecker,
Burgess Hartman and Supervisor Becker were also present.  The Road Committee
recommended That property owners on upper Main Street and Dock Street fix
pavements and also that J. H. Filbert's pavement and retaining wall at the corner of
Main and Dock Streets be repaired and that the gutter at Dr. Detweiler's properties on
Main Street be relaid if curbing is on line and grade.  
Frank Brown, representing the Schuylkill Haven Foundry Company, proprietors of the
new pipe mill, appeared before council and asked that the industry be exempted from
taxation for a time.  It was later decided to exempt the company for a period of ten
years.  The snow clearing ordinance passed its final reading.  Contractor Rauen
presented bills for labor on the borough sewer at the corner of Saint John and Union
Streets.  On motion of Mr. saul, this will be paid.  
Chairman Saul of the Special Water Committee, reported having engaged Engineer
Haddon to make a survey of the pipeline from Tumbling Run and also a survey of the
streets for mains at a total price of $425.  He also reported that the borough's case
against the Water Company has been placed by order of court at the head of the list at
the December term.  
The Board of Health asked for additional appropriation of $150 on account of a measles
epidemic.  In one month the Health Officer made fifty four fumigations.   He had been
getting two dollars each but voluntarily he cut his price to a dollar for each fumigation.  
The board also asked for $100 of the annual appropriation making a total of $250 asked
for.  The entire amount was granted.
Burgess Hartman made a report of permits issued and of a fire trap on Byerle Alley in
the shape of a dilapidated unoccupied house and of dangerous electric wires which
need renewing for the sake of safety in the event of another snowstorm.  On motion of
Mr. McKeown the burgess is to notify the owners of the Webber property to make the
place safe.  Mr. Thomas expects to build on his lot on Margaretta Street in the spring
and asks that he be allowed to hold back on the pavement until then.  He will be
directed to fill in the pavement until spring.  Mr. Lautenbacher will be notified that the
borough is ready to lay the gutter, he having expressed his willingness to lay the
pavement as soon as the borough lays the gutter.  The Secretary was directed to notify
the Telephone Company of dangerous wire and to request immediate removal of the
same.  The Chief Burgess will notify the P. & R. to pave the Union Street crossing.  A
temporary loan of $1500 was authorized.  Council then adjourned.  

Pottsville Republican of November 12, 1910


The regular monthly School Board meeting was held with the following directors in
attendance: Hoffman, Smith, Reinhart, Bast, Carr, Kistler, Webber, Brown and Paxson.  
Treasurer Schumacher, Principal Heckert and Janitor Hoffman also attended.  It was
reported that enrollment for the current school term is 873, which is one higher than
last year.  A communication from the secretary of the North Manheim Township School
Board stating that the board would be responsible for Laura Flammer's tuition.  The
County Superintendent's report on the teacher's attendance at the county institute was
read.  Seventeen teachers attended full time and orders for their pay were voted ten
dollars each.
Mr. Reinhart for the Building and Repairs Committee, reported that the pavement in the
North Ward was fixed and the garbage in the South Ward building was looked after.  He
reported that Mrs. Goas, janitress for the South Ward school had measles in her home
and by direction of the Board of Health secured someone else to clean the rooms for
her.  He further requested the Board to purchase portions of old boilers from scrap
iron heaps for each building in which to burn waste paper, so it would not be blown
around nor have to be hauled off.  This request was granted.  
The report of the Committee on Books and Supplies was read.  The following items
were secured:  mineral frames are to be purchased for the primary grades, two new
maps for School Number 19, mimeograph paper as needed, a supply of the new edition
of the Wentworth Plane Geometry for use in the Junior Class at the high school and a
blank book for a Classics record is to be obtained.
The school was ordered to be closed on Thanksgiving day and the day following.  Mr.
Bertolet Reinhart was reelected to represent the School Board on the Board of
Managers of the Library Fund.  The principal asked the Board whether it is not possible
to open a new seventh grade school to relieve Schools Number 3 and 4,  No action was
taken on this matter.

Pottsville Republican of November 14, 1910


Howard Witman, wanted in Lebanon for the theft of $160, was arrested in Schuylkill
Haven late Saturday afternoon by Constable John Butz of Schuylkill Haven.  The arrest
was made in Ebling's Hotel.  Witman landed in the town early Saturday afternoon and
went to the hotel where he proceeded to treat every person that came in.  He spent
money like water and was about to paint the Haven red when placed under arrest.  The
warrant was sworn out in Lebanon and sent to Constable Butz, as it was believed that
Witman would make for Schuylkill Haven where some of his relatives are now residing.  
After placing his man under arrest, Constable Butz started with him to the borough
lockup.  When about halfway between the hotel and the lockup, Witman turned upon
Butz and attempted to do him up.  A tussle ensued and in order to subdue his prisoner,
Butz was compelled to use his blackjack, knocking Witman down.  The handcuffs were
then brought into use and the trip to the lockup made without further disturbance on
the part of the prisoner.  
Word was immediately sent to Lebanon and yesterday morning the constable from that
town came on and returned with his man yesterday afternoon.  It is said Witman is a bad
character and that he at one time worked with a gang in stealing horses.  He is about
forty years of age, although looking much younger and small in stature.  
Within the past week, Constable Butz has distinguished himself by making two
important arrests.  The first when he placed under arrest and obtained a confession
from two young men who committed highway robberies, the one at Landingville and the
other at Friedensburg.  The second arrest was that of Saturday.  Constable Butz is to
be complimented on these arrests, as it speaks well for his ability as an officer of the
law. He has succeeded in running down some of the worst criminals in this part of the
state and is rated among the state's most efficient men.

Pottsville Republican of November 17, 1910


While engaged in hunting rabbits on the outskirts of the town, Raymond Becker, aged
nineteen years old, of Schuylkill Haven, was seriously wounded in the right side.  
Becker in company with two other companions of his own age were walking along when
suddenly an old musket carried by one of the other hunters, exploded, a piece of the
steel entering Becker's side.  Blood flowed from the wound.  Becker started to go
home, his companions being so scared that they left him.  After walking to his home,
nearly a mile away, Becker entered the kitchen door and fell helpless to the floor.  He
remained in that condition for nearly an hour, before he was discovered by his father.  
Doctors Heim and Lenker were summoned and removed the steel, nearly two inches in
length, from the boy's side.  This afternoon he was reported as resting comfortably and
his recovery is looked for if complications do not arise.

Pottsville Republican of November 26, 1910


The Schuylkill Haven Call, a weekly newspaper published in that town will on Monday
next come into the possession of Harry F. Loy and Floyd H. Minnig.  For the past
several years the Call has been edited and published by Jay G. Shumway and is the
only paper in the town.  The new owners are both practical newspapermen and are
sure to meet with success in their new undertaking.  Mr. Loy is a printer by trade,
having recently held a position with the Pottsville Chronicle.  He learned his trade in
the plant and is about to become his own.  His partner is a young man who has a host of
friends and acquaintances, both in his town and throughout the county.  He attained
excellent business training, starting in the capacity of stenographer and bookkeeper
for a shoe factory in his town.