The Pottsville Republican of November 7, 1908


Borough Council held a regular meeting in Hotel Grand.  Members present were
President Schumacher, McKeon, Rooney, Saul, Bubeck, Meck, Keller, Heim and Rauch.  
Secretary Runkle, Superintendent Knarr and Chief Burgess Baker were also present.  
The Road Committee reported all the roads in extra good shape, used three cars of
limestone on Dock Street and to place this street in good condition will require three
additional cars of stone.  Also have laid gutter from School Alley to Dougherty’s.  E. H.
Baker sent the following communication, “ Please have the pipeline relayed on the
ground leading from Liberty Street to Railroad as the agreement calls for and avoid
further expenses on your part in not having the pipe put down as agreed.”  Referred to
the Solicitor.  
Board of Health forwarded a copy of the letter received from Dr. Dixon of the State
Board of Health, relative to tests of the Schuylkill Haven water supply, which letter has
been published in these columns.  Various companies supplied samples of fire hose for
consideration.  On the motion of Saul and Rauch, a purchase of 500 feet of Paragon
hose made by the Eureka Company for the Liberty Fire Company was approved.  On the
motion of Rauch and Meck, a purchase of 150 of hose for the Friendship Hook and
Ladder Company was carried.  
William F. Doherty was present and spoke on the matter of the grading being done on
Union Street at present which if continued would result in seriously damaging the
Doherty property and would also cost from $500 to $600 to fill up the street which would
be much narrower than present.  A discussion of this subject followed and it was
learned the Road Committee is going ahead with the work on the grade furnished by
the surveyor.  On the motion of Bubeck, the Road Committee in conjunction with the
solicitor will take up the matter with the property owners and adjust same.  All work will
be stopped on this grading until the matter is adjusted.  The matter of reading the
electric light meters about the same time each month was discussed.  The Electric Light
Committee will instruct the superintendent to do this instead of reading them at
unequal intervals.  A fire plug in the West Ward is reported as leaking and this was
referred to the Water Committee.  On the motion of Heim, an order for $275 will be
drawn to pay the appropriation for the fire companies.  On the motion of Meck, an
ordinance will be drawn up covering the matter of the sale of the light plant, that
$11,000 will be needed to place it in condition and whether it is to be sold or not.  

The Pottsville Republican of November 11, 1908


Gus Luckenbill, the champion fisherman of Schuylkill Haven, says the returns are all in
but those that have not yet been published are the returns of the number of fish caught
by him during the past season.  He has kindly furnished the figures which we print as
follows.  Caught during the month of March, 88 catfish; April, 202; May, 136; June, 242;
July, 200; August, 416; September, 218; October, 62; total 1564 catfish, representing a
total dressed weight of 160 pounds.  Gus is proud of his record and Schuylkill Haven is
proud of her champion fisherman.  

A defective flue in the home of Mrs. Maria Luckenbill on Garfield Avenue, last Friday
started a fire that burned off the roof and did other damage amounting to $500.  The
loss is partly covered by insurance.  The Friendship Hook and Ladder Company with the
chemical engine, finished the work of extinguishing the fire which had been started by
a bucket brigade.

Work is progressing rapidly on the new block of five houses which Dr. George H. Moore
is building on High Street.  The sewer for the houses has been completed.  The houses
will be modern and up to date in every particular.

The Pottsville Republican of November 13, 1908


The regular meeting of the Municipal League was held Thursday evening.  Mr. Downs,
chairman of the Celebration and Halloween Committee, gave the following report:
money collected, $238.10, also one suitcase and one umbrella donated.  Bills paid and
prizes, $244.33 showing a deficit of $6.23.  Mr. Coldren made a motion to draw an order
in favor of E. G. Underwood for that amount and it was carried.  An order was drawn for
a subscription to “The National League”.  George W. Butz read an interesting paper on
the water question.
The disposal of the electric light plant was talked of at length, Messrs. Lenker, Moore,
Coldren and Lessig; these men stating that not one half of the people of Schuylkill
Haven knew the condition of the plant and that they thought that it was the League’s
place to bring it before the public after investigating the plant thoroughly.  A motion
was made by J. E. Lessig as follows: “ That the Committee on Municipal Improvements
be authorized and notified to investigate the electric light plant and report as to
whether they consider it a paying investment and whether they would recommend
maintaining or selling the plant; that they give facts and figures in detail showing the
approximate receipts and expenses for the past eight years and report at the next
meeting.”  J. A. Noecker stated that the plant could show no books and that the only
data they could get were the figures given by the J. G. White auditors and his own
figures which he took the trouble to look up by taking the figures from the auditor’s
reports from 1890 until the present time and that if the League so desired, he would be
willing to read those at the next meeting.  On motion of Dr. Moore, Mr. Noecker was
asked to read the papers.  On motion of Mr. Minnig, a vote of thanks was tendered the
Halloween Committee.

The Pottsville Republican of November 18, 1908

Frank Hurliman of Dock Street, while shifting cars at Pine Knot Colliery, was struck by
the ram which slipped from a car and caught him under the chin, cutting a deep gash
and throwing him down an embankment.  He also sustained a concussion of the brain
and various bruises.  He was removed to his home here and Dr. J. A. Lessig was
summoned to care for him.  Mr. Hurliman is conductor of the miners train and during the
day he and his crew shift cars around the collieries.  

On Wednesday last week, William Davis, employed in the South Ward, came upon the
South Ward school grounds and assaulted one of the school boys.  Miss Liesse, the
ward principal, attempted to stop the fight but he resisted her.  The matter was reported
to the board at its special meeting on Thursday evening and Officer Butz was directed
to prosecute the young man.  This was done the next day and Davis was given a fine
and the costs of the case.  

The Pottsville Republican of November 21, 1908

Schuylkill Haven and Cressona captured all of the prizes at the big shooting match held
at Friedensburg last Thursday.  Louis Reichert, Dr. Gillette, Earl Witman, Guy Zulick and
Dan Roeder were among Schuylkill Haven’s representatives.  The prizes were turkeys
and geese and Schuylkill Haven got the majority of them although Dr. Santee of
Cressona captured first prize at the clay bird match.

The KKK Social Club of Schuylkill Haven-Orwigsburg took the latter town by storm last
Thursday evening, the event being a presentation by them of their minstrel show.  
Nearly every seat in Arcadian Hall was taken and the audience appreciated the singing
so highly that every number on the program was encored.  Arrangements are now being
made with the management of the casino Theatre here to produce the minstrels.  
Announcement will be made of the date in the very near future.
The eleven o’clock car from Orwigsburg on Thursday night jumped the track near Peale’
s farm and the passengers had to wait until the next car came along.  The car was
crowded with the KKK Social Club and their friends returning from the minstrel show at
the old county seat.  No one was hurt and all got home shortly after midnight.

The Call of November 20, 1908


The second month of school which closed in the South Ward last week has a good
record for attendance.  The terms enrollment was 844.  This is forty more than the same
month last year.  The enrollment for the month was 841 or fifty one more than last year’s
second month.  The Educational Association of Schuylkill County held its initial meeting
for the current school year in the Pottsville High School room last Saturday.  Of our
teachers the following were present: Misses Riebsaamen, Potts, Zimmerman and Sherer
and Principal Heckert.  The last named is a member of the Executive Committee for this
year.  On the program for the January meeting, our grammar school teacher, Professor
Bensinger, will discuss “Marking, Monthly Reports and School Records”.  The board
held a special meeting on Thursday night to straighten out the various financial
accounts which had become somewhat entangled through the sale of bonds and the
mass of bills.  The schools will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following.  
The Junior Class is busy making preparations for the entertainment the class will give
in early September.