Pottsville Republican of May 6, 1913


The Town Council held their regular monthly meeting last evening with all the members present but Carr and McKeon.  The Board of
Health submitted a communication asking Council to have May 17th as "Clean Up Day." The fire companies, the principal of the
schools and all others who take any interest in town will help to make this day a success.  The fireworks ordinance was then taken
up and read.  This prohibits all fireworks for the Fourth of July.  This ordinance was afterward amended by omitting the "caps" thus
allowing the children to have a little fun with caps, pistols and canes.  The ordinance for the grading of West Columbia Street was
accepted.  The tax rate was fixed at thirteen mills.  The bond of R. J. McCaffrey, light superintendent, was approved.

Pottsville Republican of May 9, 1913


The schools were ordered closed on Memorial Day.  The children of the lower grades may be urged to march to the cemetery.  The
principal was directed to order one hundred blank contract forms.  The form of contract with the teachers is to be determined upon
at the next meeting.
Several times during the year members of the board suggested a change in the hours of school sessions.  The principal requested
that if a change is to be made, it should be soon, so that plans for next years work can be formulated.  The teachers are not asking
for the change.  If parents think the school hours should be less, they should speak to the directors, who desire to know the wish of
the people in the matter.  The matter was held over to an adjourned meeting.
The board voted to grant diplomas to all seniors.  Reverend Brandt of the United Brethren Church will speak at the baccalaureate
program on June 1.  
The board voted to abolish the use of slates after the present supply has been used up.  The teachers recommendation that the
writing system be changed seemed to meet with favor but action was postponed.  The teachers may go ahead and select a system
and submit their choice to the board.  
The principal stated that next year there would be two eighth grade schools and that a good opportunity presents itself for
departmental teaching in that grade and ninth.  This plan is approved by the state.
The high school baseball team has disbanded.  The poor showing of so many of the players and the criticism of the town "sports"
discouraged the management so that this step was decided upon.  All games but that with the Alumni Association have been
cancelled.  The criticisms of the fans was warranted in only one game, the Cressona contest.  That game was not well played.  Most
of the teams work in the other games cannot justly be condemned as the boys put up a fair article against vastly superior teams.  
Another feature of our teams defeats was the use of outside players or "ringers" by opposing teams.  In the two games that our
boys should have won, there were "ringers" used.  The same method has been recommended to our management but before the
Schuylkill Haven High School team stoops to such low, disreputable methods and be guilty of dishonest and unclean interscholastic
athletics, they will quit the business.  Teams will give their word of honor that all players are regular school boys and then glory in a
victory dishonestly obtained.  This we cannot stoop to.  We consider our character of greater importance than the winning of
baseball games.  Our boys are not professionals but they are honest.

Pottsville Republican of May 19, 1913


The Band Carnival being conducted by the Citizens Band at Schuylkill Haven was formally opened last Saturday evening with
several thousand people present.  The "key" to the town was handed over to the band by Mayor Hartman, who retained a duplicate
key in order to prevent any rowdyism on the part of any rowdies who might be present.  The band led a short street parade after
which they went to the stand erected for concert purposes and rendered several selections.  Every amusement known will be
found at this carnival and the proprietors report having a very good evening.  Special cars conveyed people to and from Schuylkill
Haven and there was plenty of room, as accommodations were of the best and will continue to be likewise until the end of the
Despite the warning, several stands tried to sell the fine confetti.  This was promptly stopped by the officials in charge of the affair.  
The other confetti will be sold and may be used but the using of fine confetti is strictly prohibited.  This is done for the safety of all
who attend, as last year many sore and poisoned eyes were in evidence as a result of this fine confetti getting in the eyes.  Every
evening a different band will give a concert and be the guest of the Citizens Band.  Monday evening, the Edwards Band of
Orwigsburg will be on hand.  Wednesday evening will be the big attraction for the Pottsville people as that evening will be
masquerade night and the famous Sauer Krout Band, headed by Ted Bushar will be the main attraction.
Thus far only one report of pickpockets was heard and in this instance the guilty party was captured.  The town officers are assisted
by four State Police and they preserve order.  Anything beyond the "fun route" in a sensible way will not be tolerated.  President H.
Baker reports much progress in the result of Saturday's work.  The carnival will continue until Saturday, next, May 24th, and
everyone will have a chance to attend.

Pottsville Republican of May 23, 1913


The high school baseball team is getting ready for the Alumni Association.  They expect at least one victory this year and it must be
the Alumni.  The tickets for class day and commencement are out and can be had by asking members of the class.  Children under
twelve years of age will not be admitted except with an adult  and then they are not desired because they do not appreciate the
Parents may have wondered why school children came home early several days this week.  The teachers must meet with the
principal to make the promotions and several rooms at a time must be dismissed for a half hour to an hour for this purpose.  The
boys and girls will not lose much school time this year because of the abolishing of examinations.  Putting away with final
examinations appears to prove very sensible and convenient.  Both teachers and pupils appreciate the change, more ground in the
studies could be covered this year on this account.  

Pottsville Republican of May 26, 1913


The Band Carnival conducted by the Citizens Band of Schuylkill Haven closed on Saturday evening after a session of eight days and
it proved one of the most successful events ever pulled off in that town.  The Boys Band of Auburn was the attraction and they
rendered several selections which were well received by all who heard them.  The largest crowd of the week was present and all
had a good time.  The fakirs were almost all sold out before the time for closing came and many of them were sold out early in the
evening.  Promptly at midnight the "key" was handed back to the Chief Burgess and the town once more became itself.  
The Chief Burgess reported that the did not have a single arrest during the entire week which is marvelous for a week of
celebration which attracted many thousands of people such as this affair did.  On Wednesday evening and Saturday evening the
largest crowds were present, the former being masquerade night and Ted Bushar's band drew the throngs to that place.  On
Thursday evening was the next largest attendance and the only drawback was Friday night when it rained so hard, no one ventured
out.  The Berkey Band of Hamburg was unable to attend any evening during the week, they being booked several times during the
week.  Their first postponement was due to the death of one of their members.  
President Herbert Baker said that he was satisfied with the results of the fair and he would be ready to give out a statement as to
the results the latter part of the week.  Many of the fakirs are quartered at the Haven and will go from there to Orwigsburg for the
fair which is only a short time off.  The carnival was very fortunate as to accidents also, only three known and none of those
serious.  One happened the opening night when a lady was struck by a team at Saint Peter Street but she was able to keep in the
throng and enjoy the carnival.  Another happened on Wednesday evening when an auto backed up at High Street and hit a small boy
but he received only a few scratches due to his fall in the street.  The other happened closing night when a man, thought to be
intoxicated, fell from the car and cut the back of his head slightly.  In all the week was a very pleasant and fortunate one.  The State
Police were responsible for the prevention of accidents in the traffic line as they kept the streets open whenever a vehicle
happened to pass.