Grief over the death of his wife caused the death of William Mills of Schuylkill Haven yesterday.  Early Sunday
morning the wife passed peacefully away at their home on Canal Street in that town.  The shock was too great
for the husband who was very much attached to her and he died of a broken heart yesterday afternoon.  He was
in his sixtieth year.  The funerals of both the husband and wife will take place tomorrow afternoon with
interment in the Union Cemetery.

Pottsville Republican of May 7, 1910


A regular stated meeting of Town Council was held with the following members present:  Berger, Brown, Moore,
Weiss, Meck, Saul, Wagner, McKeown and president Keller.  Solicitor Noecker, Treasurer Keller, Electrician
Weaver and Secretary Minnig were also present.  Chief Burgess Hartman reported as follows: During the month
of April I served seven verbal and twenty nine written notices.  There was one arrest made for throwing
circulars on the street, one for throwing offal into the river, one for having decayed vegetable matter on
premises, one for carrying and flourishing a loaded revolver and one for begging and indecent exposure, of
these two were committed to jail and three paid fines amounting to a dollar.  
Residents in the neighborhood complained of culvert crossing under the pike near the Bast home on Centre
Avenue being blocked.  An ordinance fixing the salary of the Chief Burgess at $150 per month finally passed.  
Chairman Berger of the Road Committee recommended pavements on Union Street especially between Saint
Peter and Margaretta Streets, be fixed at once and curbs straightened and gutters fixed.  He also stated that in
all parts of town where gutters have been laid by the borough that taxpayers be notified to lay their pavements
within thirty days and if same is not done within said time that the work be done by the proper authorities.  The
wall in back of the old Heinbach property washed away some years ago was recommended to be rebuilt.  He
recommended a light be placed on Main Street midway between Saint John and Saint Peter Streets and also on
Saint John Street midway between Main and Union Streets.  He is requesting the P. & R. place arc lights at the
Union Street and Main Street crossings.  Solicitor Noecker reported that Supervisor Adams of the P. & R. will
take up the matter of the wall at Liberty Street and will notify the borough at the proper time.  The supervisor
reported having cleared gutters in Long Run, placed twenty five loads on some streets, cleaned gutters on
Berne Street and on Fairview Street, placed automobile signs, laid gutters on Byerly's alley, cleaned Main
Street and opened various culvert inlets.
John H. Stauffer was heard relative to the proposed extension of the Main Street culvert which is to take
surface water from Margaretta Street and he asks the privilege of draining roof water onto the culvert.  He
reported that he and other property owners along Union Street had laid pavement and asked if council would
lay the gutters as is customary.  Mr. Meck reported that the ordinance committee did not take action on the
proposed opening of Paxson Avenue for several reasons, those being, a large sewer is needed, proposed
grade of street is not satisfactory and Mr. Berger thought council should hold a special meeting to take action
on this proposition.  Mr. Saul thought the cost of the street was problematical.  Mr. Keller said Mr. Paxson and
others will build the street as planned for $800 provided they be given the dirt from saint John Street when the
paving is done.  
All parties whose gutters have been laid by the borough and also have not laid their pavements will be notified
to pave at once by Chief Burgess Hartman.  Haven Street is to be graded as per the recent survey.  An
agreement will be made with the P. & R. for gravel at the Pest House.  Mr. Weiss thought the borough should
have a street sprinkler.  On motion of Mr. Weiss, the Main Street sewer should be extended to Margaretta
Street but no action was taken.  Dr. Aaron Detweiler requested town council repair Dock Street at once so he
may oil the street.  The Traction Company will be notified by the Chief Burgess to repair between the tracks on
Dock Street or the borough will do it and collect the bill.  Adjourned.

Pottsville Republican of May 14, 1910


Due to the worriment over the comet, a well known resident of Schuylkill Haven is reported as losing his mind.  
Several days ago he refused to allow his wife to clean the house, claiming that the world would come to an end
on next Wednesday and on that day the comet would strike the earth, destroying all the people and their
homes.  It is predicted that if on next Wednesday there is a thunder shower followed by lightning that he will try
to do himself and others bodily injury.  His actions are being watched.

*Note:  The papers of the day were filled with articles about the passing of Halley's Comet.  Dire predictions
were made and many phenomena were blamed on the comet.

Pottsville Republican of May 16, 1910


Superintendent Werner of the Schuylkill Haven Gas and water Company reports that the improvements to the
main reservoir are now about finished and the dam is capable of supplying about four times the former amount
of water and will carry the town through a three month drought without any additional supply.  Payne's Dam is
being enlarged and a filter plant will be installed and this water will be for the exclusive use of the P. & R.
company.  By giving the P. & R. the water from Payne's Dam only the main reservoir will be enabled to hold out
against a four month dry spell.  In case of a drought the artesian wells which have not figured in the above
estimates, would add materially to the town's supply.