Pottsville Republican of July 14, 1911


Under the new management, the Schuylkill Haven baseball team has arranged a number of interesting
games of ball with teams throughout the county that are sure to be witnessed by a large number of people.  
The first game will be played on Saturday afternoon at three o'clock at Schuylkill Haven, when the attraction
will be the strong Auburn team.  This game is called at three o'clock to enable the visiting team to catch a
train home.  The Auburn team will be accompanied by at least several hundred rooters and it is understood
that considerable money has been wagered on the final result.  The following day the Schuylkill Haven team
plays at Morea.  The officials of the Pennsylvania railroad have notified the management of the Schuylkill
haven team that they will stop the Flyer both coming and going and that all courtesies possible will be
shown them.  On Saturday, July 22, Shenandoah will be the attraction at Schuylkill Haven.  This will be the
third of a series of five games to be played by these two teams.  Last evening a series of games with the
Cressona club were arranged to be played in the near future.  A forfeit of fifty dollars was posted that the
series would be completed.  For some time past the Schuylkill Haven team has been after the Cressona
club, but for some reason or other the latter have refused to even meet the representatives of the
Havenites.  This caused considerable talk and it was freely mentioned that the Cressona team were afraid
and only desired to play teams that they were sure of defeating.  Now that satisfactory arrangements have
been completed, this talk will cease and the fans are assured of a number of exciting contests.

Pottsville Republican of July 26, 1911


The Philadelphia and Reading Company today issued a notice that one hundred hands are wanted at the car
shops at Schuylkill Haven and steady employment is promised throughout the summer, fall and winter.  The
company has been curtailing expenses for some time and doing only work absolutely necessary and now
with the coming on of the busy fall season, it is necessary to get a large number of cars in shape to handle
the greatly increased traffic which is expected.  This will be welcome news to those who have been out of
employment, as it means the employment of the biggest force ever put on at this plant.
JULY 1911