The Call of December 5, 1913


Report of Fire Chief Fisher was as follows: Have made an inspection of all the fire plugs in town.  Four in need of immediate attention
before they freeze up.  Visited the hose houses and recommend the purchase of 500 feet of hose; 200 for the Rainbow Hose
Company, 200 for the Schuylkill Hose Company and 100 for the Liberty Hose Company.  There is about 500 feet of hose that would be
serviceable if they could be repaired at the couplings by placing new rubber in the same.  Department has responded to six alarms
since May 8th one being a false alarm.  Recommend that council request the water company to give more plug pressure.  A motion
was passed to accept the report.  Motion of Saul and Moore that the Fire Chief be instructed to purchase necessary gaskets for
hose and present bill to council for the same.  Motion of Moore and Saul to have the water company to repair the four plugs at once.  

The Road Committee submitted an agreement signed by the contractor agreeing to furnish all labor and material for extra concrete
bed on Dock Street over springy portions for the sum of $12.95 per cubic yard.  Some councilmen thought this a rather high figure.  
That is was the same price per cubic yard as for inlets, excavating, etc.  After discussing the matter at some length the contractor
stated that he was not even consulted on the price and knew nothing about it and that the engineer does not consider his figures.  
He further stated he would be satisfied with whatever price the engineer stated.  In the absence of the engineer a motion was made
ratifying the agreement drawn by the Road Committee but at a price of $5.00 per cubic yard rather than $12.95.

On Motion of Saul and Moore, property owners on Dock Street will be charged for their paving on the same basis as those on Main
and Saint John Streets, the borough paying for paving on intersecting streets, the engineer's salary, commission and inspector's
salary.  The engineer will be notified to prepare estimates and the secretary will be instructed to send bills to the property owners
whenever the street is finished.

The matter of paving the portion of street from Dock to the Broadway Bridge was then discussed.  It was stated that if this portion
were not paved it would simply be a mud hole and cause considerable mud and dirt to be taken on the paved street.  It was first
thought best to concrete this portion of the street but when the contractor was consulted he stated that because of the excavating
the concreting would cost as much if not more than the bricked paving.  In discussing this matter, Mr. Rooney brought forth a round
of laughter when he stated that he was told on election day that the borough stole this piece of ground.  Mr. McKeone replied this
was a falsehood.  

Mr. Betz stated that the sewer at the corner of Main and Fairview Streets put in some time ago by the property owners gives
trouble.  There is always a stench arising from the same and because it is built incorrectly does not properly carry off the water.

The Call of December 19, 1913


Friday of last week severe punishment was meted out to Elmer, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Williams of Dock Street, by Professor
W. F. Bensinger, which may probably result in the parents of the boy bringing suit against either the board or the teacher.  It appears
Mr. Bensinger struck the boy several times with a regular drawing ruler four inches in width.  The blows caused both blue marks and
considerable swelling.  It is admitted by both Mr. Bensinger and the school board the punishment for the offense was a trifle too
severe.  The teacher regrets the result.  A special meeting of the board may probably be held tonight to discuss the matter.  The
occurrence above referred to must not be taken by pupils of our schools to mean that punishment hereafter will not be meted out in
full measure.  The rules of discipline in all of the schools will be enforced to the strictest letter and punishment given as heretofore
for all violations.