The Call of August 1, 1913


It is said that a well known young man of our town who is still in his early teens, being an invited guest of his employer at the picnic of
the Saint John's Reformed Sunday School, ate such a large quantity and such an awful mixture of good things at the picnic, that he
was unable to stand up and that it was necessary for other picnickers to take him to his home.  It is said he did away with eight large
sandwiches, fourteen hard boiled eggs, two large pieces (quarters) of watermelon, a quantity of olives, crackers, cheese, cake,
several large chunks of bologna and two large plates of ice cream.  There was still more good tings to eat but just then our friend
became ill and had to discontinue his feedfest.

Pottsville Republican of August 1, 1913


At a meeting of the trustees at the Schuylkill County Insane Asylum held Thursday afternoon at Pottsville, tentative plans for the
opening of that institution on September 1st were taken up.  A number of appointments were to have been made at Thursday's
meeting but it is understood that they will not be handed down until a meeting to be held later.  They have been agreed upon,
however, and announcement will be made when the trustees are ready to start the men in.
A test of the different machinery at the almshouse will be made during the next few days and if everything is satisfactory, it is the
intention to put some of the men to work on the fifteenth of the month.  The machinery to be tested includes the electrical clock
system, the telephone system, a private affair of twenty two lines, the refrigerating and laundry machinery.  It is the intention to have
the men thoroughly drilled in the use of the machinery before the place is officially opened.
Although nothing definite has been decided in regard to the removal of the inmates, the county will probably take the insane from the
local asylum first and when they are properly assigned start the removal of the inmates from the state institution.  Dr. Bowers, who
has charge of the work, thinks that the removal of a few at a time will give better satisfaction then the transferring of all the patients
at one time and it is likely his suggestion will be followed out.  If his plan is followed the county authorities will bring the quiet
patients here first and after their installation, will proceed to remove the violent ones.  This will do away with the necessity of hiring a
small army of nurses and attendants which would have to be done if all were removed at one time.  The patients will be brought here
in batches of forty or fifty.

Pottsville Republican of August 2, 1913


The Harrisburg Colored Giants, one of the fastest colored teams in the east, are the attraction for the next game at Tumbling Run
when they meet the strong Schuylkill Haven team.  Manager Mellon is going to experiment and if the games are patronized will give
us faster baseball than the Tri State games that we saw here this year.  He intends playing only novelty games such as colored teams,
Tri State teams, major leaguers and has even promised to bring the Japs here to play provided everything goes all right.
The fans will have an opportunity which they thought was lost to them at least for the year to see fast professional baseball.  Connelly
and Sattizahn will in all probability be the battery for Schuylkill Haven while Harrisburg will probably use Ball and Grant.  It will be
remembered that Harrisburg Giants, under the management of Strouthers, came to this town many years ago and always put up a fine
exhibition and the same manager conducts the team now and a fast game can be assured.

Pottsville Republican of August 6, 1913


W. W. Deriner, superintendent of the Walkin Shoe Factory at Schuylkill Haven, fell over dead in the factory at that place shortly after
starting time on Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. Deriner, who has held this position for about a year, came to Schuylkill Haven from Lynn,
Massachusetts.  He boarded at the Hotel Grand and after partaking heartily of the noon meal and feeling in excellent health, reported
at the factory and five minutes afterwards he was found by one of the workmen, a corpse.  Deceased was about 42 years of age and
has a wife and one child residing in Massachusetts.  The body was taken in charge by Undertaker Wagner of Schuylkill Haven and
prepared for burial.

Pottsville Republican of August 8, 1913


Principal Heckert returned home and resumed his duties this week.  Is that six year old boy or girl vaccinated?  Do you have the
vaccination certificate?  If not attend to it promptly.  Beginners, such as cannot read, must begin school during the first two weeks if
they want to begin at all.  If they don't they must wait until January.  The employers of town received this week blanks on which to
report all employees under the age of sixteen.  These reports should be returned to the principal as soon as convenient so that the
names of the boys and girls legally employed can be reported to the teachers by the time school begins.  
All beginners and all new pupils for our schools must have school certificates or permits, which are issued by the principal.  He will
be at his home on Saint John Street to issue these every evening during the last two weeks of August, between the hours of six and
nine.  Parents or pupils shall bring the vaccination and baptismal or birth certificates along.  Do not let this matter go for the opening
day.  The principal is very busy that day.  Boys and girls of families that moved into town during the summer and are of school age
should see the principal and get classified.  

Pottsville Republican of August 9, 1913


It is rumored that the Schuylkill Haven-Cressona series is off and that the Cressona team is going to claim the championship.  The
reason given is that the Havenites want to use Conley in the box while Cressona management refuses to even let him play.  The
lineup of both teams was given out before the series started and the Cressona nine will not allow Schuylkill Haven to make any
changes.  Cressona has three more players in their agreement than the Havenites and many of the followers of the Havenites think it
only fair that they at least let them have one player.  A meeting of the two managers will be held next week and the matter will be
adjusted.  Thus far Cressona has won both games played, one on each ground.

Pottsville Republican of August 13, 1913


The series between the Schuylkill Haven and Cressona nines which was at first supposed to be called off on account of the
Havenites wanting to use Connelly will be continued and it is possible the next game will be played Saturday, although it is not yet
certified.  There is some slight misunderstanding yet, and if this is perfected before Saturday a game will be played between these
two teams.  Drumheller, Mertz or Crone will be found in the box for the Havenites while Cressona will use Kulp or Irvin.  Sattizahn will
again do the receiving for the Havenites while the Tigers will use H. Kulp as their backstop.  The series now stands two games won
for Cressona out of that many played.  The Haven nine are anxious to even up the series in the next two games played.

Pottsville Republican of August 23, 1913


Harold Schwenk of Schuylkill Haven, who was signed by Saint Louis at the end of last season and who is pitching great ball for
Saginaw, one of the Browns farms, will probably be recalled to Saint Louis at the end of the present month.  He has been pitching
great ball in the MIchigan city and is quite popular with the fans.  His ability to pitch whenever called upon has made him quite strong
with the Saginaw management.  On one occasion he furnished a game five innings then pitched a doubleheader the next day and
then finished a game of three innings the day following and twirled a four hit game the day after that.  The only game that he lost was
the game that he finished of three innings.  He has overcome his one great fault, that of fielding his position and he is now quite
competent of doing this part of the game.
His batting has been fairly good while with the Saginaw nine, often times sending runs across with a hit or a sacrifice.  He is
considered one of the best twirlers in the league for keeping a base runner close to first base.  Schwenk signed in his hometown last
season by a scout who had come to look him over.  He was so surprised when he received the offer that he thought the visitor was
jollying him.  He finished out the season with the Havenites and went early this spring to Saint Louis and they took him on their
training trip from where he was sent to the farm.

Pottsville Republican of August 26, 1913


It is expected that at a meeting of the trustees of the new almshouse this week, the balance of the appointments at that place will be
made.  The matter of an inspection will also be taken up.  It is intended if possible to set aside a day during the latter portion of
September for the inspection of the building and at that time the public will be invited.  It is not believed that the building will be
thrown open to everybody but a scheme for the admittance of the people who wish to see the building by card is being discussed.  It
is understood that the court is heavily in favor of having the people see the building before it is put in operation.  The work is now
rapidly nearing completion and the furnishings are being installed as quick as possible.  The kitchen has been partly equipped and
the remainder of the building has been furnished to a considerable extent.  The people in charge of the place are confident that the
work will meet with the approval of everyone who views it and it has been stated that there is not an insane institution in the state
that can compare with the county's new one in regard to detail and complete equipment.  The building itself is a beautiful one and the
county officials believe they have received dollar for dollar in the money invested.