MAY 1982
The Call of May 5
The original building and addition of the Schuylkill Haven Bleach and Dye Works at St. Peter and
Market Streets were completely destroyed by fire Saturday morning.  The loss is estimated at
$1,000,000.  An investigation determined that the fire started when an employee was cleaning lint
from a drying machine and struck an electrical outlet with a broom sparking an explosion and
flash fire which spread quickly.  All three Schuylkill Haven fire companies responded with
Pottsville and Orwigsburg assisting.  Firemen saved neighboring homes.  Work was shifted to
their other plant thus not effecting production.  A car and truck in the building were also
The business was founded in 1894 by Samuel Rowland behind 200 Saint Peter Street, the building
then expanding toward Market Street.  Melvin W. Bamford, a nephew, took over in 1926 and
added dyeing equipment.  In 1945 his son John joined the firm and in 1952 additions were made.  
In 1960,the Saint James Street plant was built and son Edward joined the company.  This plant
was eventually doubled in size in 1970.

The Call of May 26
Last Wednesday, borough council held its meeting and passed a resolution to place a sign at
borough hall to promote the Stoyer's Dam project.  A motion to videotape council meetings was
defeated.  Mayor Donmoyer was instructed by council to see that the dog curbing laws are
enforced by the police in Bubeck Park.  Borough Manager Waller noted that it was forbidden for
anyone to remove dead timber from the Tumbling Run watershed.  

It was noted that the Lion's Club is seeking bids for the new ambulance building to be erected at
the corner of haven and Dock streets.  This site was cleared during the flood control project in
the 1970's.  The original building was located on River Street on land donated by druggist W. E.
Stine.  Donations at the time were used by the Lions to construct the building to house the new
Cadillac ambulance.  Prior to that the ambulance was kept at the Bast and Detweiler funeral home
which received requests for service that were forwarded to Lions members for dispatch.  The
new building will be completely modern and fully equipped.
MAY 1957
The Call of May 2
Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary for Frank S. Lewis News Agency on Main Street.  He
purchased the store from Bert Kauffman at 5 West Main Street in 1927 and began the newspaper
delivery and magazine business.  A year later he moved to the Michel property.  In 1940 he
purchased the former Gipe building and did extensive remodeling at the present location.  His
first day in business was notable as the headline of the day was Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight.  
Lewis came to Schuylkill Haven from Shenandoah.  He was the chief air raid warden in town
during World war Two.  Hundreds of Haven boys have carried the newspapers for Mr. Lewis over
the years.

The Call of May 23
The borough water department began laying new sixteen inch water mains that will run from the
reservoir being constructed above Willow Lake.  Bulldozers are preparing that site which was
purchased from Gordon D. Reed.  Heavy rock formations at the site have necessitated extensive
blasting.  By Thursday, 1200 feet of line had been laid going uphill nearly 800 feet above sea
level where the reservoir will be.

The Call of May 30
A half million dollar modern one story bleach and dye building will be built by Argo at Willow Lake
to replace the factory which recently burned down on Berne Street in Schuylkill Haven.  The
55000 square foot building site was the original proposed location of the Shannon School for
Girls as provided for in the will of Dr. Shannon of Schuylkill Haven but never materialized.  Phillip
Rosenkrantz, president of Argo considered a plot between Columbia Street and Haven Manor
but it's residential location was unacceptable as was the Guldin Farm area at the western edge of
town.  The chosen location will be close to the new water main and will allow access to the sewer
system.  It will also create higher employment.
MAY 1932
Pottsville Republican of May 10
The borough council held a meeting last evening with all members present.  The two matters to
be decided were the adoption of a milk ordinance and the purchase of oil for the streets in town.  
There was a lengthy discussion on the ordinance proposed to hire a milk inspector who would
inspect every farm that supplied milk to Schuylkill Haven.  Milk dealers would fund his pay.  After
discussion, it was deemed not workable and tabled for the present time.  The highway committee
has not been able to reach a decision on the purchase of oil for the town streets but
recommended the lowest bidder, Bituminous Service Company.  The oil will be ordered at once
so it may be applied before the dust nuisance is in evidence.

Pottsville Republican of May 18
The new 350 horsepower boiler with super heater, recently installed at the light plant is now
doing full duty and has proven satisfactory. The last nest of boilers which have given service for
many years is being torn away to make room for the additional power boiler.  When this is
installed the improvements at the plant will be completed and Schuylkill Haven will have one of
the finest and most modern light plants anywhere.  The plant has been a consistent money
earner and the Borough Light Committee expect that there will be a long period of service
before any additional major expenditures will have to be made.

Pottsville Republican of May 21
Memorial Day observances in Schuylkill Haven will be held this year for the second time since
the GAR originally took the events over entirely in the morning.  The GAR always visited the Saint
Ambrose Cemetery in the morning and held the principal event of the day in Union Cemetery in
the afternoon.  Grace Evangelical Church will host a divine service on May 22 for all service
organizations in town with the Reverend A. G. Flexer giving the memorial sermon.  On Memorial
Day morning, Bressler's band, Boy and Girl Scouts, the Legion Bugle Corps, the Legionnaires and
the parochial school children will form at eight o'clock sharp on Main Street and march to the
memorial on Parkway, and then to the Saint Ambrose Cemetery.  After services there, the
marchers will reform with the addition of public school children and march to Saint James
Cemetery and then to the Union Cemetery.  Home folks are urged to display the flag and to give
the morning over to memories.

Pottsville Republican of May 31
Kenneth Shollenberger, eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Shollenberger of Schuylkill
Haven, drowned in Miller's Pond near Schuylkill Haven Monday when a raft from which he, his
sister Fern and two companions were fishing overturned.  The other three were able to reach
shore.  A short time later, A. A. Alleman operator of a washery near the pond recovered the body
and made efforts to resuscitate the boy, but life was already extinct.  Dr. Lenker was summoned
to the scene and pronounced the boy dead.  When the child fell on the overturning raft, his head
struck the edge and he was rendered unconscious, a large mark on his temple and forehead
showed the blow.  The family is formerly of Pottsville.

                                                This ad touting the new wrecker at Stoyer's car dealership in
                                                Schuylkill Haven appeared in the Pottsville Republican on May 6.
MAY 1907
Pottsville Republican of May 15
The regular meeting of the Municipal League last week was a most enthusiastic one and fourteen
new members were admitted.  A series of resolutions were considered, adopted and referred to
the Town Council.  The resolutions call attention to violations of the garbage ordinances passed
in 1886 and ask that it be amended to require every family to keep garbage and ashes in a
suitable receptacle so that the garbage collector may remove it twice a week.  Storage of
garbage would be prohibited on all land other then the town plot.  

An adjourned meeting of the Town Council was held Monday evening for the purpose of acting
upon the grade of Union Street.  On motion of Mr. Bubeck, the secretary was directed to notify
Mr. Riland that the grade on Union Street from Margaretta Street to Doherty's will remain as
recently established.  Grades on Liberty Street and Saint Peter Street were also discussed.  The
chief burgess was directed to contact the Pennsylvania Railroad to inform them to fix the big
arch over Spring Garden Street so that the drippings from it do not fall upon the sidewalk.  

Jere Helms Post of the GAR has arranged a program for Memorial Day.  A firing squad and a drum
corps will meet at the post room and at nine o'clock will proceed to Saint Ambrose Cemetery to
decorate graves there.  The parade will form at 1:30 on saint John Street and all attending
organizations are asked to be present at 1:00.  The school children will assemble as usual at
Saint John's Church and will join the procession there.  The parade will move to the Union
Cemetery after stopping at the Saint James Cemetery.  An oration will be given by reverend Smoll
and in the evening a special service will be held at the United Brethren Church