The Pottsville Republican of June 4, 1910


The School Board meets on Monday night to close up the business of the school year.  
Immediately after this is done the new board organizes.  Teachers may possibly be
elected.  The new board faces a condition of overcrowding in at least three schools.  
Conditions prove the necessity of a new building.  


At the annual business meeting of the Alumni Association, the following officers were
elected: President, J. R. Jones, Vice President, R. W. Ziegenfus, Secretary, Maude K.
Butz and Treasurer, Mrs. P. T. Hoy.  The amendment for changing the time for holding
the annual business meeting was adopted.  The Association voted ten dollars for the
High School Library Fund.  At the banquet Thursday night a resolution was adopted
asking the school board to put the question of a loan for a new school building before
the voters next fall.  There were ninety six present at the banquet.  The balance in the
treasury is $53.62.

The Pottsville Republican of June 10, 1910


At a meeting of the borough council, the matter of bad roads was taken up when a letter
received from the District Attorney citing the members to appear in court this month to
show cause why they should not be indicted for neglect of duty in maintaining bad
highways.  The matter was thoroughly discussed with the idea of having conditions
improved.  Mr. Bast made application for a five year contract for power to operate a
number of meters which he proposed to have installed in the mills but council refused
the request on the ground that it is necessary to ascertain just what charge shall be
made in order to make the light plant self supporting and for this reason it is unwise to
go into long term contracts.  The solicitor was instructed to make application to the state
to build a state road through the borough connecting the two state roads which
approach the boundaries of the town.  Chief Burgess recommended steel cells to
establish a lockup in the town.  He also reported having issued a number of permits and
having made a number of arrests and collected fines.  He recommended the erection of
finger boards at several points in town as a means of directing strangers to the various
towns surrounding Schuylkill Haven.  Several pavements were reported to be in bad
condition and in need of repair.  
The Main Street sewer will be extended up to Margaretta Street.  On motion of Mr. Saul,
the ordinance committee will be directed to draw up a curfew ordinance.  Mr. Saul
stated that the fire alarm whistle has been put up and on his motion the following
signals were adopted: North Ward, two long blasts; East Ward, one long and three short
blasts; West Ward, one long and two short blasts; South Ward, one long and four short
blasts; fire under control, one extra long blast and general alarm, three long blasts.
The Road Committee recommended that it be directed by council to repair between and
along side of the Traction Company on Dock Street.  The drain of Walter Moyer in the
North Ward should be fixed and Engineer Butz should be employed to give a draft in
reference to the line running from Harry Eiler's up the Nosedale Valley.  E. H. baker
asked that a gutter be laid in front of the Baker property on saint John Street and also
wants a grade in the alley from Saint John to Saint Peter Street as he wants to curb and
pave.  It was referred to the committee.  The Road Committee was instructed to put in a
terra cotta drain at the corner of Union and Saint Peter Streets.  Concrete gutters were
ordered at Union Street.  Mr. Freeman of Nosedale, wants to lay a brick pavement
without curb connecting to brick gutters.  All others near him have curbs and are laying
concrete pavements.  This was referred to the Road Committee.  Louis Kerschner
appeared to complain of the gutter in front of his property on Haven Street which he
says is built on a wrong grade.  Burgess Hartman stated that he had notified Mr.
Kerschner to lay pavement according to the grade given him by the engineer, which is
the correct grade.  If the grade of the gutter is wrong, council will rectify the mistake.  
Mr. Kerschner was so notified by council.  

The Pottsville Republican of June 17, 1910


At a meeting of the town council, a proposition to pave Saint John Street was approved
when a report was received from the Traction Company stating its willingness to pay a
proportionate share of the cost of this work. A petition was also received from the
residents of Main Street between Margaretta and Dock Streets asking the borough to
pave that thoroughfare and council also acted favorably on this proposition so that the
prospects are bright for extensive street improvement during the coming summer.
A curfew ordinance passed first reading which will compel children under sixteen to be
off the streets after nine o'clock under penalty of fine.  The tax rate was fixed the same
as last year; ten mills for borough purposes, one mill for light and one half mill for water,
yielding about $10,000, $1,000 and $500 respectively.  The Road Committee was
instructed to inspect the bridge over the Schuylkill Mountain at Bittle's Dam with the
idea of replacing it.  A proposition was submitted to have a meeting of borough officials
and property owners on Paxson Street with the idea of opening that street from Dock
Street to the alley in the rear.  The cost will be about $800 according to the present
plans but there is a sentiment in favor of making it a thirty foot street by buying some of
the McWilliams property if it can be secured at a reasonable figure.
Burgess Hartman reported that the bridge at the lumber yard in the West Ward is
narrower than the street and recommended that it be widened.  Charles McCaffrey was
appointed special policeman for the West Ward.  Members present were: Berger,
McKeown, Saul, Moore, Rooney, Wagner, Meck, Brown, Caffrey, Weiss and President
Keller and Secretary Minnig.  

The Pottsville Republican of June 18, 1910


At a meeting of the school board Miss Maude Butz was elected principal of the South
Ward and Miss Ebling of the North Ward.  Employment certificates during the vacation
will be issued by Professor Ralph W. Ziegenfus.  Professor Heckert will be out of town
during the summer.  Miss Maude K. Butz and Professor Elmer K. Kilmer are at Kutztown
taking post graduate examinations.  Franklin W. Moser, son of Reverend and Mrs. D. M.
Moser, who has successfully closed a year of work as teacher of mathematics has been
promoted to the position.  Principal Heckert and family leave town next week for their
vacation trips.

The Pottsville Republican of June 25, 1910


Burgess Hartman was compelled to arrest a number of boys who were distributing the
bills of a Pottsville merchant in town on Tuesday, for their carelessness in throwing a
number of the bills on the streets and sidewalks.  Squire Moyer imposed the usual fine.
J. W. Huling and Son, proprietors of the Keystone Cement works of town, have closed
the contract for an entire mechanical equipment for their factory.  Their present output
is about nine hundred building blocks per week and the new machinery will enable them
to get out about three times that number.  Harry Huling is now at the works where the
machinery is made selecting the various appliances.  It is expected to have the
machinery in operation in about a month.
Property owners along Haven Street are beautifying that thoroughfare.  Andrew Richard
and his neighbor, William Kramer have just completed substantial concrete sidewalks.  
The poles of the several telephone companies that encroach on the sidewalks are
being moved to the curb line in order that curbs may be set and pavements and gutters

The Pottsville Republican of June 28, 1910


Schuylkill Haven added two more games to their already long list of victories for the
present season when on Saturday afternoon before a fair size crowd of rooters they
defeated the Polish Giants of Mount Carmel to the tune of 5 to 1.  Firestein, who pitched
for the Havenites, allowed the Giants only three hits.  One of the features of the game
was the batting of Chase, who made three hits out of four times to the bat.  One of the
hits was for a home run with a man on base.  These two teams will meet again in the near
Over one hundred rooters journeyed to Shoemakersville, where in one of the finest
games of ball that has been played there this season, they defeated the team of that
town by the score of 3 to 2.  The game went ten innings and the winning run was scored
after two men were out.  Connelly and Brier were the battery for Schuylkill Haven.  The
Schuylkill Haven team is playing great ball and deserve better patronage.  They have
won 13 out of 15 games played this season, defeating the best teams in the county.  July
4th they play the Krugers two games at Schuylkill Haven.