Pottsville Republican of January 4, 1911


At the regular meeting of the Schuylkill Haven town council, an ordinance passed final reading for the
purpose of increasing the borough's indebtedness by $50,000.  It is now proposed to submit the question
to the people of the town at a special election to be held on February 14th.  The $50,000 will not come
before the people in the reform of a loan but as a bond issue bearing interest.  From present sentiment,
it is believed that the issue will carry without a dissenting vote.  For the past several years the residents
of Schuylkill Haven and Cressona have been compelled to suffer on account of an insufficient supply of
water and now that a way is before them the present condition may be overcome, without an increase in
the present rates, it is believed the opportunity will be grasped at.  The present Schuylkill Haven Gas and
water Company have submitted a plan to council whereby they will supply the towns from Tumbling Run,
lay the necessary pipes and make all attachments.  For this they will increase the water rates in some
instances over two hundred percent and then stipulate that the borough of Schuylkill Haven withdraw
their suit now pending and pay the costs thus incurred. Should the bond issue pass at this election, it
practically means the offer will be refused and that by the borough forming its own water company, the
Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water Company would be a thing of the past and that the people of the town
would be assured of water at all seasons of the year.  The present indebtedness of the borough is $24,
800 while the assessed valuation is $1, 068,365.  This valuation will permit the borough to increase their
indebtedness without going to the limit.  The engineer in his report shows that over 460,000 gallons of
water are consumed each day by the residents of Schuylkill Haven.  According to figures compiled, the
present company desires to charge by meter, should they install the pipes, 35 cents per 1,000 for the first
25,000 gallons consumed and then a reduction of five cents per 1,000 gallons in proportion.  At present
their rates are 25 cents per 1,000 for the first 75,000 gallons consumed and then a reduction of five cents.

Pottsville Republican of January 7, 1911


After a week's vacation, or a little more, the schools have again opened and are in regular swing of work.  
The school rooms were again thoroughly fumigated and disinfected during the pupil's absence.  The
cases of contagious disease that have developed during vacation are very few, so that evidently the
town has passed through the worst of it.  If parents will only exercise proper precautions, there will be
little danger of an epidemic.  The school board meets next Monday night for the regular monthly meeting.
 As there are only a few truancy cases on hand, no meeting of the Finance Committee was held this week.
 There is very little illegal absence from school at present.
Children now six years old and such as will become six years of age by next May can begin to go to
school now.  They will be admitted this and next week only and must be vaccinated.  Get a permit from the
secretary of the school board, Robert J. Hoffman.  Do not forget that after next week no new beginners
will be admitted.  School Number 10 of the North ward, formerly taught by Miss Edith Weiss, now Mrs.
Lewis Hoy, will for the rest of the term be in charge of Miss Grace German of Pottsville.  
It is sincerely hoped that all pupils whose period of suspension from school on account of contagious
diseases have expired, be returned to school promptly at the time the period of exclusion ends,
providing they are physically fit  to return and provided no other case of contagion has developed in the
home.  Such prompt return is essential to the child's proper progress in his or her studies.  A certificate
from the attending physician is required.
Report blanks have been sent to the various employers of minors to secure the new lists of employees
under the age of sixteen.  It is desired that these lists be returned promptly so that the school records
can be made up as soon as possible.  Tests to the books assigned under the general reading course
have been given to a large number of pupils in the high school and eighth grade with very satisfactory
results.  The boys and girls greatly enjoyed the books.

Pottsville Republican of January 16, 1911


The case in which quo warranto proceedings have been taken by the Commonwealth to annul the charter
of the Schuylkill Haven Gas and Water Company and which is the first case on the long cause list, was the
subject of some discussion before the court.  The attorneys for the Commonwealth asked that the case
be fixed for next Monday because of pending negotiations for a settlement and because of the nature of
the same.  It was also asked that the continuance will next Monday be granted so that the witnesses who
reside in Wilmington, Delaware, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Carlisle can be summoned here if the case
is to be tried.  The court objected to continuing the case for a week for the reason that all the judges may
be tied up next Monday in the trial of the cases on the list and it would therefore be impossible to take up
the water case until the middle of the week.  As the case may require more than a full week in its trial, it
would then necessitate a third week of court.  The matter was finally held under advisement until
tomorrow noon.

Pottsville Republican of January 24, 1911


There is every prospect in a settlement in the case of the Commonwealth versus the Schuylkill Haven
Gas and Water Company, the interested parties having a hearing before Health Commissioner Dixon at
Harrisburg yesterday.  It is said that the attorneys for the Commonwealth have been authorized to settle
the case upon an agreement which has been entered into between the two parties interested and it is
said that the settlement of the problem of pure water for Schuylkill Haven will be guaranteed although it
is reported that settling dams or filtration plants will have to be erected.  State health authorities will
authorize the company to use Tumbling Run water.

Pottsville Republican of January 27, 1911


The Truancy Committee of the school board will meet on Thursday evening of next week.  There are eight
or ten cases of nonattendance to be investigated by the committee.  Last week the teachers of our
schools organized a local branch of the State Teachers League.  All but two of the teachers joined.  The
junior class of the high school will give concerts in the assembly room on the evenings of February 21st
and 23rd.  The proceeds of these affairs will be added to the class memorial fund which will be used for
the benefit of the schools.  Examinations were given in high school on Friday last in elementary Latin,
Caesar, German and United States history and on Thursday and Friday in rhetoric, general history,
algebra, arithmetic, classics, civics and botany.
The high school seniors have charge of the literary program this week.  Lincoln's birthday will be
observed with a special program in the high school on February 10th and Washington's birthday on
February 22nd.  Dr. Lenker will address the high school on "Patriotism" on January 30th.  

The Citizen's Cornet Band has elected as its leader, Daniel Auchenbach, of town, formerly of Pinegrove,
to succeed James Schucker, who is suffering with continued illness.   Prior to his attack, he was a very
successful leader.  The members of the band regret very much the condition of Mr. Schucker and
anxiously await a speedy recovery and return to the ranks.  The citizens of town wish all the success to
Mr. Auchenbach as a leader and prosperity to the musical organization which he will direct and which is
composed of some of the town's best citizens.