The Call of January 7
Schuylkill Haven Borough reorganized at their meeting this week.   Paul
Donmoyer was installed as mayor.  Paul Umbenhauer who was reelected and
John Kotch and Lester Rhen, newly elected as councilmen were also
installed by District Magistrate Lester Reber.    Nancy Montz and Marlin
Berger were elected president and vice president respectively.  Alan
Williams was appointed solicitor and John Marshall as secretary treasurer.  
Borough manager Frank Strange's resignation will take effect on January 15.  
Thirty applications have been received to replace him.  Kenneth R Reed was
appointed fire chief.  

The Schuylkill Haven Senior Citizens Council held it's organizational meeting
on Monday, January 4 at the Senior Citizen Center on Haven Street.  Clyde
Dewald was elected as the first president and James Sunday as vice
president.  Barbara Anderson was elected corresponding secretary, Elsie
Kull recording secretary, and John Schumacher treasurer.  Nine trustees
were also appointed and they are dedicated to using the facility to its
maximum use.

The Call of January 14
It has been announced that bus service will resume between Pottsville and
Schuylkill Haven next week, operating Monday through Saturday.  
The Call of January 8
The American Legion Relief Committee will make a solicitation of the public in
the borough in the interest of unemployed persons and their families.  Trucks
will be used to make the collection which will be taken to the Legion home for
sortation and distribution.

The monthly meeting of borough council held Monday proved to be
disappointing in that the expected and predicted fireworks did not
materialize during the reorganizational meeting.  The expected vicious
contest for president did not occur and past president, Jacob Moyer was
reelected.  The name of William Bashore was presented but not seconded.  
The contest for street commissioner was not as close as anticipated.  Clayton
Eiler resigned as councilman to be a candidate for the post.  Mr. Schucker,
last years commissioner defeated him ten votes to one.  Every seat was filled
with citizens who came to see and hear the show.  Mayor Roy Scott had all
new councilmen present their certification to Secretary Betz.  Messers. Carr,
Schweigert, Brownmiller, Harner, Martin and Heisler signed in.  W. Frank
Deibert was reelected chief of police.

At the school board meeting it was announced that the last payment on the
East Ward School building completed some months ago will be made shortly.  
Total cost of the building was $55336.10.  The board also questioned the
quality of coal being used in the buildings after switching from stove coal to
rice coal this year.  A Victrola and record collection was donated by John
Lengel.  The PTA will serve milk to underweight and undernourished children.

The Call of January 22
Installation of the last improvements at the Schuylkill Haven Light Plant on
Haven Street are nearing completion.  The last item is the boiler.  Coal now
stored in the coal bunker is high to the ceiling of the boiler house.  A
conveyor draws the coal from the bunker and also drops it into the boiler.  
Another labor saving device involves the handling and storage of ash.  Ash
drops into a pit containing a traveling car which is taken outside to dump into
an ash tank from where trucks can collect it for any purpose.  Completion is
expected in six weeks.

The Call of January 29
Schuylkill Haven World War dead will be honored through having their names
inscribed on a tablet to be placed in the Pershing Hall in Paris France.  This
was announced at the meeting of the Robert E. Baker Post at Thursday's
meeting.  The generosity of Dr. R. W. Lenker and Postmaster Charles Graeff
made this possible.  Pershing Hall is the permanent American Legion
memorial in France.  A drive will begin to increase the membership from the
current 89 members.  The Baker Post Drum Corps led a small parade for the
reopening of H. Schumacher and Brothers store on Columbia Street.

Pottsville Republican of January 16
Thursday night while the general store of Floyd Maberry was in charge of one
of his younger sons, a crowd of boys who were hanging around decided they
had to have something to throw in the place of snowballs, with the result that
nearly a case of oranges on sale at the store were destroyed.  

Local knitting mills are looking forward to a good spring season.  The Hoffman
Mill on Margaretta Street has been working steadily since October, employing
175 persons at the mill or at their homes.  Manager H. A. Goas has had many
requests for work from girls and married women whose husbands are out of
work.  The plant is idle only for the 24 hours of Sunday.  
The Call of January 4
Rural Mail Carrier Hurt - Joseph Otterbein, mail carrier on RFD #1 from
Schuylkill Haven, was under decidedly adverse circumstances at work.  As a
New Year's greeting one of the Mexican ponies he drives serving his route
planted both back feet against Mr Otterbein's leg as he stepped into the stall
to harness the animal.  That his leg is not broken is a miracle.  This member is
badly lacerated and bruised and Mr. Otterbein suffers great pain when he

The Call of January 11
On Monday, the regular meeting of borough council was held with Messers.
Buehler, Caffrey, Helm, Lessig, McKeown, Runkle, Schumacher, Sharadin,
Thomas and President Meck present.  Various issues were addressed.  A
crossing was ordered on Center Avenue at the White Church.  Electrician
Marshall was ordered to straighten the poles on Berne Street.  Residents of
St. Peter Street are concerned that the walls of the old Opera House are
unsafe and a committee has been appointed to investigate.  Residents of
Smoketown have requested that a sewer line be run from St. Peter Street to
their homes.  Council will visit the site.

On Monday, the school board held a meeting with Lessig, Hartzel, Bast,
Minnig, Schwilk, Heim and Stanton present.  It was reported that total
attendance was 820 pupils with only 773 for the month.  Attendance has
dropped due to illness particularly measles.  Some parents complained of
having to buy pencils and tablets.  The principal explained that supplies are
distributed monthly sufficiently to last the month.  If children must buy these
items it is because of their own loss or destruction.  The principal also
requested that the board assume all costs of commencement including
programs, tickets and a desirable public speaker.

Pottsville Republican of January 2
This was one of the noisiest towns in creation when the New Year dawned.  
Our little town has nine churches and nearly every one has a bell and all
these bells rang, the whistles of locomotives and various industries blew
and the new year shooters noisily got rid of their ammunition and the racket
was kept  up for the best part of an hour.  The New Year had a rousing

A sneak thief relieved Wm. Kerschner of his pocket watch, gold cuff links and
other valuables yesterday afternoon.  Mr. Kerschner runs the grocery store
on Main Street just below the P & R Railroad.  New Year's afternoon the
entire family were out visiting.  In the evening when Mr. Kerschner went to
dress he could not find his cuffs.  They later turned up in the front vestibule
with the links missing.  Other small articles of jewelry being missing, Mr.
Kerschner looked for his wallet and was unable to find it.  There is no clue.

Pottsville Republican of January 17
Owing to a depression in the trolley tracks at Main and St. John Streets,
derailing of cars has been a frequent occurrence of late.  The section
foreman and his men made repairs yesterday.
The Call of January 3
Eighty dollars was stolen from the American Legion hut on the morning of New
Year's Day.  President Joseph McGlinchey discovered the robbery at 10:30 am.
Entrance was gained by the battering in of the door to the boiler room.  Pinball
machines and cigarette machines were smashed and robbed.  The police were
called to the scene.

Members of the Fire Police Association collected discarded Christmas trees in
the borough Saturday and will commence with the annual "Burning of the
Greens" on the Island.

Construction will soon begin on the addition to the Atkins Stores Co. at 12 E.
Main Street.  The former Owls building to the rear of the store facing Wilson
Street was demolished to allow for the addition.

The Call of January 10
Schuylkill Haven Lions Club held a scrap drive Sunday, one of the largest of
the past year.  Unfortunately, the price of scrap was at an all time low at fifteen
cents per hundred pounds, netting proceeds of only $146.

The Call of January 17
The Schuylkill Haven Borough is taking action on the first phase of a $186000
water system improvement program.  This will include the laying of another
line to Tumbling Run and the construction of a 6,000,000 gallon storage
reservoir above Willow Lake.  An ordinance passed to purchase six acres in
North Manheim Township for $3000 from Gordon Reed for the needed space.  
This will be in addition to the two storage tanks already located above Willow
Lake.  According to Borough Manager, Richard Davis, as soon as plans and
specifications are completed, the bidding process will begin.