Pottsville Republican of August 6, 1910


A regular meeting of the Schuylkill Haven town council was held on Monday evening with the following
members present: Berger, Mengle, Brown, Moore, Weiss, Meck, Saul, Wagner, Rooney, McCaffrey,
McKeon and President Keller.  Solicitor Noecker, Secretary Minnig, Chief Burgess Hartman, Electrician
Werner, and Supervisor Becker were also present.  
Chief Burgess Hartman reported as follows:  The lockup cells arrived during July and were erected in
the room rented for the purpose.  Mr. McKeon, Chairman of the Building Committee, supervised their
erection.  They were finished on July 18.  Adam Moyer demanded he not be restrained from entering or
leaving his yard and stables, owing to condition of Saint John Street, he could not get in or out.  It
required quick action so I obtained permission from the P. & R. Company to take away a section of the
fence and let him drive over the company's property.
Mr. Weiss, with reference to the visit of the special water committee to the water company's reservoir
stated that in as much as the reservoir is empty and the town may have to go on a limited supply before
the summer is over and in view of the fact that the water company has been prohibited from using the
water from Payne's Dam, the citizens of the borough be requested to keep account of the amount of
time they are without water and keep a record of any other matters that may aid the borough in
protesting to the water company as this is the second time the public is without water.  
People on Grant Street asked for grading so they may lay pavement.  The street has never been
accepted and Alonzo Richard complained that water from the properties above ran into his cellar.  
Property owners have been notified to pave.  P. W. Wagner wanted to know who authorized Engineer
Butz to have street paving brick tested.  He asked Mr. Butz various questions and Mr. Butz stated that
three members of council, Messrs. Berger, Weiss and McKeon, authorized him to do so.  Mr. Wagner
became somewhat personal in his remarks and was called to order by the president.  At the request of
the Burgess, finger boards were ordered at various points to show the different roads.  Mr. McKeon
moved that the Road Committee make proper repairs on Dock Street and the motion carried.  On motion
of Mr. Saul, Chief Burgess Hartman will notify the Traction Company to make Dock Street repairs within
ten days or the borough will make them and collect.
Former President of Council Lautenbacher appeared before council on behalf of Elijah Emerich to
complain that the new sewer being laid by the borough on Union Street cuts off drains in his and other
properties.  No sewage enters the drain and permission is asked to enter the drain in the borough
sewer. Engineer Butz reported results of tests on Pinegrove brick.  The impact test and absorption test
were higher than the maximum.  The submission of the test figures raised another discussion which
was ended temporarily by calling in Mr. Atkinson, the representative of the Pinegrove Brick Works.  The
debate upon the subject never got very far without a squabble.  The main objection to the brick so far
as delivered appeared to be that the majority of the bricks were not sufficiently vitrified.  A
considerable kick was made over the large size of stone used in the concrete base thus far laid.  On
motion of Mr. Saul, Supervisor Becker was directed to act as inspector of the street paving.  The
meeting was adjourned and they will meet next Monday evening when the matter of opening a new
street to connect with Paxson Avenue will be taken up.  


The regular meeting of the Schuylkill Haven School Board was held Monday evening with the following
members present: President Jones, Secretary Hoffman, Bast, Crossley, Reinhart, Paxson, Crevan, Carr
and Treasurer Schumacher.  A communication was received from J. A. Noecker, attorney for Mrs. S. A.
Losch to sell the Opera House to the school board for a new school building.  On motion of the board, it
was referred to the Building Committee.  On motion of the board, the school children were granted a
holiday for Labor Day.  Mr. Crossley stated that the North Ward school yard needed a walk and
suggested that concrete would be the most substantial.  On motion of Mr. Bast, the Committee on
Grounds was instructed to have the yard drained and a concrete walk be built in the yard.

Pottsville Republican of August 8, 1910


The strong Schuylkill Haven baseball team won two games, from the Saint Clair Colts and the other from
Shoemakersville.  The first game was played at Schuylkill Haven on Saturday when they shut out Saint
Clair by the score of 5-0.  By winning this game, Schuylkill Haven has defeated Saint Clair three out of
four games.  Yesterday the Schuylkill Haven team journeyed to Shoemakersville where they shut out
the team of that place by a score of 3-0.  Not one player reached first base until the sixth inning.  The
Havenites have won two out of three games played with the Shoemakersville team, defeating them
each time on their own ground.  Connelly pitched a wonderful game.  W. H. Leininger starred with three
hits.  Schuylkill Haven has won all but four of the last twenty five games they have played.  The next
game Schuylkill Haven will play with the strong Pottsville Independent team at Tumbling Run.  Each of
these teams have won a game.

Pottsville Republican of August 12, 1910


A meeting of the town council was held.  Supervisor Becker wished to resign as inspector of street
paving because of insinuations made by some people.  Council showed its confidence in his integrity
by unanimous adoption of a motion directing Mr. Becker to continue in the position.  A communication
was received from Engineer Butz relative to the street paving on Saint John Street and the
arrangements made to accommodate Adam Moyer during the time that Saint John Street is necessarily
closed.  He also demanded no orders be given to street paving unless he is consulted.  Burgess
Hartman complained of P. T. Hoy and Sons new pavement on Saint John Street on account of
depressions and elevations which are likely to be stumble blocks to pedestrians.  This was referred to
the Road Committee.  
Mr. Weiss moved that the borough purchase a can of oil to oil Dock Street and that the road roller be
procured and that Dock Street be macadamized as nearly as possible.  It passed unanimously.  The
ordinance providing for the entrance to Paxson Avenue from Dock Street to the alley at the Madam
Bunn property, skirting the southern border of the Episcopal Church property was read.  Mr. Weiss
moved for the adoption of the ordinance and it was seconded by Dr. Moore.  Mr. Weiss spoke strongly
in favor of the opening of the street.  He thought the payment of the bulk of the cost could be deferred
for about a year.  Mr. Meck wanted to know the engineer's estimate as to the cost of the street.  Mr.
Saul would like to see the street go through if it would not cost too much.  He and Mr. Paxson had
estimated on the street and reached a figure of $2600 and had not then included all items.  It is
impossible to tell what the viewers will allow the owner of the property in condemnation proceedings.  
Supervisor Becker asked for an estimate, stating that the street will cost about $2400 plus the cost of
the property.  His figures include the laying of sewer and building a retaining wall.  Secretary Minnig
stated that Engineer Butz's figure was $2500.
Dr. Moore believed that the borough will never have a better proposition.  He outlined various
advantages that would accrue from the putting through of the street.  He was averse to creating any
debt for the borough but believed the street is a necessity and will be fully worth all of its costs.  Mr.
Paxson read the following proposition relative to opening the street: He and his partner, Mr. Hock,
agree to give the Madam Bunn property to the borough for street purposes, open and grade a
complete forty foot street from the alley to Haven Street and pay for one half of the twenty four inch
sewer pipe used from Dock Street to Haven Street.  The ordinance passed final reading by the
unanimous vote of all present.
President Keller wanted a sewer inlet in front of Bowman's Dry Goods store put back to the curb.  He
thought also that an inlet should be put in at High Street and run into Dr. Moore's sewer.  The Road
Committee was directed to take up the matter.  A complaint was made of pavements in very bad
condition in various parts of town.

Pottsville Republican of August 12, 1910


J. M. Gipe, the hustling proprietor of the five and ten cent store, has taken a five year lease on the
store room now occupied by him and Mrs. Becker, the owner.  The store will be almost doubled in size
and a new front put in and other improvements made.

D. D. Coldren has put a new foundation under his mill building, has reweatherboarded the building and
has otherwise greatly improved it.  Part of the mill was kept running while repairs were made and the
entire mill is now in operation.

Work is progressing satisfactorily on the big three story addition to the Walkin Shoe Factory.

The concrete piers are finished for the big addition to the Davis and Lawrence paper box factory and
work will at once be begun on the structure itself.

Pottsville Republican of August 20, 1910


The four pupils of the eighth grade who last term failed promotion in May will be taken into the ninth
grade on trial since a class of seventh graders will be put in that room.  Let these four take notice of
this transfer.  The books and supplies will be ready for the teachers about Thursday of next week.  The
teachers will get their rooms in order, ready for work before the schools open so that there may be no
confusion on Monday, August 29, when work begins.  Some much needed repairs have been made to
the main school building.  New steps have been put on the stairways and glass panels have been put
into the doors leading into Rooms 12 and 13.  Room 6 has been thoroughly overhauled.  The old
papering is taken down and the ceiling and walls calcimined in a beautiful tint.  New wainscoting was
put all around the room and the window blinds changed for new ones.  The old and dilapidated
recitation benches of several of these rooms have been placed in the yard for the children's use and
new ones are being put in their place.

The Walkin Shoe Company is installing an automatic fire extinguisher in its big factory.  There is a big
tank full of water on the roof and miles of pipes reaching every nook and corner of the factory connect
with the tank.  At frequent intervals along the pipes spray valves are placed, each one sealed with a
compound that melts at a certain degree of heat.  In case of a fire the heat melts the compound on the
nearest valves, liberating sprays of water which put out the fire.  The moment the water starts to run, a
fire alarm is automatically sounded.  Big stores, factories and buildings all over the country are
equipped with this device.