Pottsville Republican of April 2, 1910

At the next meeting of town council a petition will be presented asking for the opening of Paxson Street
and through from Dock Street to the alley halfway between Dock and Haven Streets.  Improvements are
now underway on the old Matchen farm property and the owners have laid out a forty foot street from the
alley to Haven Street.  It is understood that the owners of the property, who also own the Madam Burns
property which cost them approximately $1000, will offer this property to the borough for $500 if the
borough will put the street through.  The people of Haven Street have upon numerous occasions
petitioned council for an outlet to Dock Street and as this is the most advantageous location for a street,
and is the cheapest proposition yet presented it would appear to be a matter of wisdom to accept it.  


A number of the local teachers spent the Easter vacation out of town: Miss Brannon at Shamokin, Miss
Bordner in Berks County, Mr. Heckert and family at Mauch Chunk and Miss Thompson at Williamstown.  
Charles Peter, a member of the Junior class in the high school is doing some fine work in lettering and
engraving of certificates for the members of the Senior and ninth grade classes.  A sample of his work is
in the window of Druggist Downs.  Parents should avoid keeping their children home during the house
cleaning season even though their absence is not illegal.

Pottsville Republican of April 8, 1910


The regular stated meeting of Town Council was held with the following members present: Messrs.
Moore, Weiss, Berger, Mengle, Brown, Meck, Saul, Wagner, Rooney, Caffrey, McKeown and President
Keller.  Secretary Minnig, Solicitor Noecker, Burgess Hartman, Superintendent Weiner and Supervisor
Becker were also present. The Road Committee reported filling and guard rail on Berne Street, cleared
Main Street paving four times and cleaned gutters on various streets.  
Chief Burgess Hartman read the following report:  During March, Frank Kramer, James Welch and Walter
O'Brien were arrested and committed to jail.  C. A. Compert and W. H. Francis. Advertising agents for a
tobacco company, were arrested for tacking signs on telegraph poles.  They were fined five dollars.  
Automobiles are going at a rapid speed through our borough.  The speed limit however can not be
reduced below twenty four miles an hour unless council erects signs at the different approaches to the
borough.  If this is done, the speed limit will then be twelve miles an hour.  We have an ordinance
prohibiting fast riding and driving and something should be done to check the speed of motor vehicles.
Chairman Berger of the Road Committee reported an inspection of the town made March 26th and
recommended that the street up Nosedale be properly graded and gutters laid and property owners be
directed to pave at once and also that Haven Street be graded, paved and guttered.  The trolley company
should be notified of the bad condition of the road bed out Dock Street from Main to Brown's Hotel and
also be notified to keep the road bed throughout town in proper condition.  It was recommended that
Paxson Avenue be opened and that Mr. Paxson's proposition be accepted.  It was advised that gravel be
purchased rather than limestone for the streets.
John R. Jones, Esquire, presented a petition of citizens for opening a twenty foot street from Dock Street
alley in rear to connect with an extension of Paxson Avenue.  The owners of the Paxson Avenue property
will sell the Madam Bunn property to the borough for street purposes for the sum of $500.  The owners of
the Paxson Avenue tract will open a forty foot street through their property and will grade their part of
the street.  They will also tear down the Madam Bunn property and will protect the adjoining property
from the material in the property.  In case a retaining wall is needed at the Dock Street approach, they will
agree to build the same for $150.  On motion of Mr. Mengle, the proposition was accepted and the proper
ordinance drawn up.  
J. C. Lautenbacher and J. D. Reed, representing the manufacturers of the town, addressed the council
protesting the alleged proposition to raise electric power rates.  They claimed the electric power is
costing the manufacturers too much now.  It is costing them ore than their old stem plants cost. If rates
are raised they will cut out the current.

Pottsville Republican of April 9, 1910


The regular monthly meeting of the school board was held with Jones, Hoffman, Crossley, Reinhart, Carr,
Minnig, Crevan, Brown, Webber and Berkheiser, Treasurer Schumacher, Principal Heckert and Janitor
Hoffman in attendance.  Mr. Reinhart reported having had the canal along the South Ward school building
cleaned.  The road supervisor notified directors of the condition.  A box will be placed in the cellar and
the teachers will be instructed to empty waste baskets into it.  Mr. Minnig reported the plastering in
Room 13 is ready to fall down.  The Building Committee was directed to take such action as is seen fit.  
This committee was also directed to purchase coal for the year while it is at its lowest.  A long list of
truancy cases was considered.  The principal's report was received.  The past month's attendance was a
little better than that of the preceding one.  An examination of township pupils for admission to the High
School was held in the principal's office on Monday.  Professor J. G. Riland of Wayne township brought
two of his best pupils who took the tests.  

Pottsville Republican of April 13, 1910


An adjourned meeting of the Town Council was held with the following members present: Messrs. Berger,
Brown, Moore, Weiss, Saul, Wagner, McKeown and President Keller.  Secretary Minnig, Burgess Hartman
and Supervisor Becker were also present.  Burgess Hartman reported having serving notice upon E. H.
Baker and wife to remove a wall which they built in front of their property, five feet beyond the building
line.  C. E. Berger appeared for the Bakers, stating that they expect ultimately to build upon the vacant
part of their lot and will use the retaining wall to rest a porch upon.  Mr. Bashore asked for building line
and grade for Garfield Avenue.  The property owners want a change made in the line in part of the street.  
He was directed on how to proceed on the matter.  On motion of Mr. Saul, Mrs. Sheaf will be notified to lay
pavement on Union Street.  Ed Weiser of Centre Avenue asked that the gutter at the rear of his property
be finished.  This will be attended to.  
Mr. Rooney reported stagnant water in the P. & R. "out off" in the Schuylkill River in the West Ward.  The
secretary was directed to notify the railroad superintendent to have a culvert put in to drain water off.  P.
M. McKeown reported that the West ward bridge had not yet been repaired.  The Solicitor will take up the
matter with the Commissioners, who long ago awarded the contract for the work.  
Dr. Moore spoke at length on the electric light plant proposition.  He stated that in his annual report he
did not favor raising power rates but suggested that no contracts be made at the lower rates.  He did
suggest lower rates in some respects and thought that the rate for arc lights should be lowered.  He
moved to lower the price of arc lights from $75 to $50.  Mr. Saul suggested allowing the matter to rest
until it is demonstrated that the plant is making money and how much.  
Mr. Wagner stated that Messrs. Buehler and Michel and other property owners along Garfield Avenue
want to lay pavement and want street put down.  On motion they will be directed to lay pavement and the
Supervisor will put in gutter and put the street in condition.  Adjourned.

Pottsville Republican of April 27, 1910


Schuylkill Haven will open its ball season on Saturday next with the strong Gordon team as their
opponents.  The game will be called at 3:30 o'clock and as both teams are evenly matched, an interesting
game can be expected.  Preceding the game a street parade will take place.  The parade will be headed
by the Schuylkill Haven Band and will be participated in by both teams and a number of followers.  Mayor
Hartman of Schuylkill Haven has been selected to throw the first ball.  The club consists of Prior, c.,
Drumheller and Hammerly, p., Chase, 1b., Reddinger 2b., Leininger, ss., Jones, 3b., Deibert, l.f., Seiple, r.f.,
and Hoffman, c.f.

Pottsville Republican of April 27, 1910


Charles Winthrope, an inmate of the Schuylkill Haven Almshouse, was arrested this afternoon in Schuylkill
Haven by Constable John Butz and brought to Pottsville where he was given a ride to the county prison
on "Big Bill".  He was committed by Squire C. A. Moyer on the charge of carrying concealed deadly
weapons.  Winthrope came to Schuylkill Haven yesterday and got loaded up on John Barley corn.  Last
evening he was reported as having a revolver and of flourishing it on several occasions.  After spending
last night asleep on one of the pavements of town he partially sobered up and this morning started to get
top heavy again.  He was taken in charge by Constable Butz and taken to the squire's office where he was
searched.  On his person was found a .32 caliber loaded revolver.  Three pocket books, four dollars in
money and several lottery tickets were also found on him.  The fellow carried a cane loaded with lead at
the end and which as strong enough to kill a person with one blow.  The fellow has been an inmate at the
Almshouse for the past several years and has been allowed the freedom of the place.  Complaint has
often been made to the character but no attention has been paid to the complaint.  His case will be